Fremde Momentaufnahmen. #001

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Just like a lot of other people, I have a weakness for collecting things. A serious one. Maybe this has got something to do with my mother. Shoes, vessels made of glass, vinyls. Some of these I inherited. Probably out of pur nostalgia. Something like this can give you the feeling of 'home'.
My collecting passions are: postcards, bookmarks, vessels made of glass, peculiar, odd and pretty things (that will end up on my wall), tote bags, everything with skeletons and skulls, street art, books about historical clothing.

And strangers' pictures.

Pictures of/from unknown people? Not only, but also pictures of friends as well, which I like to save on my computer or I like looking at on their profiles. But I am talking of physical photos here.

It really started to get serious a while ago. Before that I had something in my hands that I liked very sporadically. I never went out to get on a hunt. As far as I can remember, these two pictures have been the first ones I took home with me. Years ago I used to work at the Berliner Büchertisch e.V. (a second hand book store) and sometimes people donated books that still had sticky notes, inscriptions in them and every now and then, you found an old photo.

At some point I found this picture. I only took it because I thought it was cute. And sad.

(We miss our little sweetheart.)

Back then these two pictures made an impression on my and they still do. Sometimes I can't even put it in words. It's just a feeling.

Looking at this picture, I have always asked myself, what these girls are so amused by? Is it the boy? Or a joke? Comedy of situation? Or just a remark?

This only is the first part. There will follow more entries within the next time. And everytime I'll acquire new loot, hahaha!

So you take a picture of something you see
In the future where will I be?

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