Fremde Momentaufnahmen. #002

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On Christmas and New Year's Eve last year, I have been at a friends place in Wilhelmshaven. Near her place, there was a crowded shop with various stuff where she wanted to buy a carafe and something like a marine map. While I was having a look around, I found an old, big, golden ashtray with ornaments, in which now the ash of my cat is resting in peace. Kind of macabre but he's part of our family and (if he could have understood our language) he probably would have found this funny too. I have searched the internet for beautiful urns but nothing really got my interest.
Also I found these beautiful photos. Throughout all of these entries you will probably notice that I often purchase pictures of women. Somehow I like to collect snapshots in which I see strong women or women in certain situations, with an aura they don't have any knowledge of, or in which they just seem soecial to me. Other then that, I think that "fashion" has its share in this as well, hahaha!

Her pose, the flowers, the old dor with the scratches and the curtains - I just like so much about this pictures. ♥

This pictures is really small. No more than the palm of my hand.

I only took this picture with me because I thought it was a bit creepy. Only after that I discovered the name "Inga". That is the name of a very good friend of me as well.

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