Fremde Momentaufnahmen. #003

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A couple of months ago, I was on my way home from school. I had to change trains at one station and was waiting for the other train to arrive. There was a photo laying on the ground. I looked around but no one seemed to miss it. So it disappeared into my bag.
For this entry I asked auntie Google and found out that "Elaine Sturtevant" is not an unknown person. She was an artist who died this year in May. It could be that I actually found the pictures shortly after that. Maybe someone wanted to take this to an exhibition, provide it to a newspaper or bought it somehow.
Anyhow I found this quite fascinating and weird at the same time.

Close to my mother's home there is a flea market every weekend and after sleeping over, I was in the mood to stroll oast the stalls. At a nice, elderly man's I found these pictures. My heart is beating the most for old photographs like these. I did pay a few euros for them but they were totally worth it. And just by the way, I have been to flea markets where sellers wanted to have at least 10€ for just one. As far as I can remember, I made a pretty good deal paying 8€. :Dd
Of course a the price can vary with the photographer.
Ah, the fashion of the 19h century, hahaha!

If you are thinking that these mutton sleeves are extreme... have a look at these.

I like how she is (not) smiling.

And because it really goes with this entry - classical music.
(Even it is not from the same time.)
I have listened to Boléro and The Moldau back in school in our music classes and I never forgot them. ♥

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