Ode an die Freunde: Domi & The Illithids

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The first project I want to talk about, is from a friend that I'll call Domi on here.


I know Domi since ca. 2002 and now I wrote this number down and not just said it, I realise how long 14 years really are. That's half of my life right now. If I had to compare Domi, who likes Harry Potter just as much as I do, to a character, I'd probably call her the "Remus Lupin" of my friends. No matter what, she's always there, keeps calm, is diplomatic and honest. She always has yummy food with her somehow (How does she do that? This has to be magic!), is imaginative and heavy with a Honeydukes's [in the German version of HP "Honeydukes" is called "Honigtopf" which means "honeypot"] full of ideas and she makes you laugh. ♥

When she was in London for a while, she collected artciles and flyers about things I am interested in. And gave me this ticket for the train to Hogwarts!

And then there was this one time when she had a profile picture with herself riding on a horse and in the background she had photoshopped milk, honey and a rainbow being a path, and I said to her: "And you'll come to the pub on a rainbow!" and she came to the pub on a rainbow!

And the birthday card!

On to the project!

is the name of the band she plays bass in.

(Picture was not taken by me.)

The band is a fun project, so gigs are pretty much sporadic. The light melodies get mixed with snotty punk rock sound, catchy guitar play, ska rhythms, tentacle-ish Lovecraft-y keyboard and the vocals are in English and German. They actually claim their music to be Illithidivity Rock. So hipster, you will not find it on tumblr! Though Illithids really don't care about that.
Now you might have one or two question. I can already hear you saying: "Where can I listen to their music?". "What are these Illithids like?" and "What actually are Illithids?"
You will get some of the answers on their homepage that has not been update for a very long time due to all the fuss around them. And if you feed on people all the time, it is really hard to get a managment. *insert sad Illithid tears here*

More abouth Illithids in the FAQs (German, sorry. D:)
To listen to their tentacle-ish fine arts, it's the best you click through the webplayer you find in the grey bar.

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