Ode an die Freunde. ♥

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Before I start with posting any entries of this "series", I'd like to say a few words.
These entries are not posted to show you who I know and to start to drop names. Anyone who thinks that can just leave this blog with a "Fuck you!" as proviant for their way back.

Those people I'll introduce to you with their projects, are friends that I respect, whose bravery, creativity and talent I admire.
Some of them very close friends, who I am proud of because their great persons, with their own oppinions and who go their own paths, even it might be extremly hard from time to time. Who are not perfect and perfect at the same time because they admit making mistakes, have self-confidence and self-esteem but have a lack of both as well, are happy and unhappy. You can count on them, sometimes you can't but they are always there when you need them the most. They are dealing with the same problems every day and if they don't, they still are sympathetic about it. Sometimes they behave like shit or can not symathise with how their actions and words affect others or how some things feel for you personally. But that's human.

I am thinking of cookeries, humour, deep conversations, warm beds, yummy teas, Cuba Libre and Giotto, Singstar, touching lyrics, Johnny, all the music, fandoms, making stupid faces, sending voice messages in the middle of the night, greasy hair and wearing the same shirt for three days, make up on point, smudged lipstick, being the only ones who laugh about their jokes, doint crochet together like two grannies, crocheting dreads, "that's so [insert the name of the person here]", Kükie selfen, watching Harry Potter and crying, ignoring the Ex-dudebro, giving a boyfriend a piece of your mind, old books, getting excited about a treasure from a flea market, feminism, body positivity, "hübschi", being sick, not making it to the doc's office, not making it to school, working too much, being awake for two days, sleeping a day, guacamole, oven cheese and roasted toast, perfectionism, love for thing that are not perfect.
Everyone in their own small world. Together in one world.

Ode an die Freunde. ♥

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