There goes the Phoenix again.

This is probably the 9238409234th blog in my life.
I get bored of the names, bored by my writing, uncomfortable by the memories they harboured or I simply had the feeling it wasn't really me (anymore) or what I really wanted to write about. Or I just did not post for so long, I felt kind of disconnected to it.
My last blog mostly contained things I bought, photos and every seldom now and then, a personal entry. Sometimes I had phases when I did not feel like posting at all. May it have been due to stress or depression but in these times, entries piled up like dirty laundry until I felt like it was suffocating me. I simply could not keep up. And I did not even got to post the things I really cared about. Like the Game of Thrones exhibition I visited. I wanted to keep everything in line. Chronologically. Probably I won't get rid of it now, it's one of my quirks and a part of my OCD I still can't let go. I really feel uncomfortable not doing so.
However I want to cut out the things that don't mirror me. Yes, I still buy make up and other beauty products. Yes, I still love fashion. But I never was a beauty nor fashion blogger. What I had most fun with were the entries about books, photos, music and trips and I want to stick to that. There might me the occasional post about make up and so on but just if I really feel like it.
Some of my old stuff will be transfered to this blog and I am thinking about sections for books, photos, art and everything else.

Right now, I am not finished with the layout yet but I'll figure it out within the next days.

​So, hello again. I hope you're still on this journey with me.

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  1. Wie kann ich dich als Freund hinzufügen bzw. geht das überhaupt? +lieb guck+ Mag dir doch auch folgen auch wenn du in englisch schreibst :3

    1. Ich habe unten links einen Button eingerichtet, versuche aber auch schon seit gestern meinen Blog mit Bloglovin' zu verbinden. :)

    2. Alles verwirrend manchmal auf dieser Seite, aber danke hab den Button genutzt und tadamm :DD ♥




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