Ode an die Freunde: Minerva & Read Your Mind

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In this entry, I'll introduce Minerva and her (by now "our") reading stage.

Sometimes I don't know what I would do without this person. She's one of my best friends and gives me security when I need it. Three years ago, we got to know each other via Facebook. We stalked one another. Our first talk face to face was via Skype. Minerva all dolled up and I had almost no eyebrows and greasy hair. I don't care. And she doesn't care anyway.
Our first meeting was infront of the flat of one of her friends, who I am befriended with as well now, and we went for a walk with Johnny and Marla. I stayed over night two times and after 48 hours we knew each others deepest psychological problems. No judgment or depreciation. No pity, but sympathy.

When I can't grab a logical thought and my OCD tears me down, she keeps cool. Hers and mine. I drop anything when she calls me, telling me she doesn't feel good. It's a give and take. Still the scale doesn't matter. Materially, physically or spiritually doesn't matter. Everything doesn't matter and at the same it does, because love counts.

Girl with dog.
(Please listen. In German though.)
Minerva provokes. But I don't care. I want to know what I am dealing with. Appreciate her honesty and criticism, her nacked words that don't have to get roundabout something. Admire her strength, her mind and her will to fight. Not just for herself. Most of all for the oppressed.
Her motto describes her the best: "Libertas et Veritas."

(Just recently we noticed that we have like one serious picture of us, hahaha.)

Buzzfeed tells us, we are the Weasley twins. We are identical unidentical. Extroverted and introverted. One likes it dark and plain, the other one colourful and excessive. A Chaos in the apartment and a chaos in the head.Like will to like and opposites attract.
I could talk on for hours now. Time, no hourglasses in this world could fill, and that is why I'll end with one of her lyrics she dedicated to me. (I'll try my best on translating it.)
"Alice, komm, wir gehen ins Wunderland. Nehmen uns an unsere zittrigen Hände und flüstern uns gegenseitig lindernde Geschichten ins Ohr. Irgendwo finden wir schon Sonne. Wenn wir nur lange genug nebeneinander laufen und unser Blick nie am Horizont schon aufhört. Draußen Schnee und drinnen Musik von dem Mann mit der Stimme, die klingt wie altes Holz. Früher oder später wird schon wieder Frühling und mit dem Eis schmilzt bestimmt auch die Angst, die einfach nicht verschwinden will, vorm nicht Überleben in diesem Leben, das das Selbst in Fetzen reißt und dann verramscht, wie billigen Schrott. Auf dass irgendwer was damit anfangen kann. Irgendwo finden wir schon zumindest Licht am Ende irgendeines Tunnels. Und spätestens da ist alles endlich wieder gut.

Alice, come with me, let's go to Wonderland. Join our shaky hands and whisper each other comforting stories into our ears. Somewhere we'll find sun. If we only walk next to another long enough and our view will never end at the horizon. Outside there's snow and inside there's music from the man with the voice that sounds like old wood. Sooner or later it's spring again and with the ice the fear will surely melt as well, [the fear] that does not want to fade, about the not surviving in this life, that tears the self apart and sells it off like cheap junk. So that somebody can make a use of it. Somewhere we will at least find light at the end of some tunnel. At least by then everything will turn out good again.

Alice, komm, wir gehen ins Wunderland. Zärtlich streiche ich dir dein rotes Amazonenhaar aus dem Gesicht und wir machen uns zum Kampf bereit. Auf den Weg durchs Labyrinth, mit den tausend Monstern drin, die eigentlich doch kaum real sind. Lass uns lieber querfeldein, da lang, wo wir hingehören. Freie Geister brauchen Platz. Ich höre dein schallendes Lachen und versinke in deinen waldgrünen Augen und merke, wie die Zeit stehen bleibt. Und plötzlich ist der Rest auch ganz und gar egal. Hier gibt es keinen Anfang und auch niemals sowas wie ein Ziel.

Alice, come with me, let's go to Wonderland. Tenderly I wipe your red hair of an Amazon out of your face and we get ready for the fight. On the way through the labyrinth with these thousands of monsters inside, that are hardly real. Let's cut across the country, the way we belong to. Free minds need space. I hear your broad laughter and sink in your forest green eyes and realise how time stops. And suddenly all the rest doesn't matter at all. Right here there's no beginning and never something like a destination.

Alice, komm, wir gehen ins Wunderland. Ein Schritt zusammen in jede Richtung bringt uns genau da hin. Da, wo wir beide glücklich sind. Wir atmen ein und auf einmal tut uns nichts mehr weh. Der schöne Weg hier weg und das schöne Sein schon ganz allein. Schmetterlingsflügel und unendliche Leichtigkeit. Fußspitzen streifen Grashalme und unsere Blicke wieder einander. Wenn doch nur alles so einfach wäre.

Alice, come with me, let's go to Wonderland. A step to every direction will lead us right there. Where we'll both be happy. We breath in and suddenly nothing hurts anymore. The beauiful way away from here and the beautiful existence all alone. Wings of a butterfly and eternal ease. Tips of feet brush blades of grass and our glances eachother. If everything was that easy."

You can find more of her writings here.
Source: Google
(Insider: Minerva is a unicorn. And Jani-Banani.)

READ YOUR MIND - Die Lesebühne

By: Minerva
Everything really started a while after Minerva moved back from Wilhelmshaven to Berlin. At least it started to take form here. The idea was brought to life already and it wasn't easy for Minerva to get rid of it. Did not wanted to get rif of it because what was better than your own reading stage to scream your own lyrics at the world. To read, letting other read. Without judging. Without having to compete. Because: "Read Your Mind - It's Beautiful."
There just had to be found someone who was so much up for this as well. Someone who loved words just as much. Herr Gottehrer (who is not a part of RYM anymore since a long time now) fit. They had been discussing on it before. Mind turned to flesh.
The first RYM took place at the Golden Lounge in the deepest of Wedding. Actually a quite nice location and very cosy. But football seemed to be more important than culture.

Meanwhile the reading stage is happy to take place at a fixed venue, the Drugstore, and (almost) always fixed date, the last friday of the month at 7 p.m. And since some time now, I am one of the organizers as well. It just happend somehow. :)
The entrance is free and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are sold for a very good price. Donations at the evenings of the RYM will go to the refugee relief and other social projects. So grab some tasty drinks and leave some coins to donate. 

View from the stage.
By Minerva
Reading stage in a doll's house.

In the first part of the evening consists of lyrics on a topic. The topic for the next reading stage is always drawn by lot at the end of the evening. Everyone is welcome to pass in an idea and a lucky person decides the next RYM's fate. The second part of the evening is free of any topic.
Everyone is invited to read something or to make music. Don't get intimidated, give your words and sounds some room, because every head is different and all thoughts are not the same. Your voice wants to be heared. So get up and take a dare! If you have the wish to read or you know someone who does, we'll be happy if you contact us!
Or just come around and support us and some social projects!

☞ Facebook
☞ readyourmindstage(at)gmail.com

We will enjoy welcoming you, your friends, family, neighbours, teachers, classmates and that woman from behind the meat counter.

For thoughts are free.


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