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For some time I have had the idea for this post in my head, after I browsed through my CDs, sorting them out, throwing some old copies away. What I definitely kept were the mixes I made. I remember back when people started downloading mp3s and copy CDs and so on. Back then, that was the newest shit. I gave a list of songs to my mum she'd look up and burn to a blank. Sometimes the quality was great, sometimes someone had recorded the song from the radio. No matter what, I listened to these songs all the time.
A lot of the CDs have scratches because back then I had a habit of not really taking care of my stuff. Here's one of those my CD drive could decipher. Or at least let me listen to some of the songs long enough so I could figure them out.

1. Wolfsheim Kein Zurück

I still really like this song. Wolfsheim are a great example of how the German language can be really beautiful. Also remember how I got annoyed when this song became popular and stayed on first place in the charts for weeks. Not because I did not want the band to have any success but I just do not like if something gets into the light of mainstream and everybody starts liking it, even they made fun of it/you before. Same goes for fashion etc.

2. Res They Say Vision

Such a great song! A pity Res was a one hit wonder. In Germany at least.

3. The Vines Get Free

I remember listening to this song again and again. It resonated with the punk and rock music I grew up with. The screaming voice of Craig Nicholls and the snotty sound of it gave me the feeling of really letting something go and don't giving a shit. "Ride" was great as well.

4. Kosheen Catch

Such a catchy song!

5. Missy Elliott Get Ur Freak On

Oh Missy! Still one of the best. It's really cool seeing her getting back into business sinc a while now. I have missed her heaps! While everybody was talking about how Queen Bey and other artists brought feminism into spotlight, my mind circled around Missy, Aaliyah, Salt 'n Pepa and other black female artist who did just that in the 90s without writing it on their forehead and who unapologetically were the smoothest back then.

6. Linkin Park In The End

Back then I really liked LP. And I still think they influenced the Nu Metal scene a lot with bringing electronics into it and making it mainstream. Sometimes I just listen to their music and looking back at it... it's kind of cheesy teenage-anger music, hahaha! But who am I to judge? I love listening to koRn. lol

7. P!nk Feel Good Time

Though not quite the most popular song by P!nk, it never left my mind. It's a really cool and chill party song.

8. P.O.D. Youth Of The Nation

Some teenager-anger music again. I still really love this song though. The lyrics, drums and the guitar are great, the kids chorus still gives me goosebumps.

9. Staind It's Been A While

Nice song as long it's quite. I don't remember why I liked it, really.

10. Queen Bohemian Rhapsody

Classic. No words needed.
Just the comment that I learned the lyrics to this song by watching Wayne's World too much.

11. Trucks It's Just Porn Mum

I still really like that song. Not so much the music itself but the lyrics. Chill. It's just porn.

12. Avril Lavigne Losing Grip

Back then I really liked Avril Lavigne. (At first I did not, same goes with Amy Lee. Because they presented something I always wanted to be. At one point I just realised I was envious.)
That was the time of her not using deodorant, not shaving, having greasy hair and an oily face at times. And I love her for exactly that. For crushing stereotypes of women.
Years later when I payed more attention to other music, she released "Girlfriend". I remember seeing that video on MTV or Viva thinking: "What the hell."

13. Wolfsheim Once In A Lifetime

I remember seeing this song the first time on Fast Forward with Charlotte Roche. It was a special episode were she invited guests to show their favourite songs/videos. She had invited Ville Valo and it was the most beautiful thing to hear him sing along to that song. Years before she had invited him for another episode and I still have both on video tape, hahaha!

14. ASP Und Wir Tanzten (Ungeschickte Liebesbriefe)

I think my mum started listening to ASP and I loved that song. A lot of German Gothic bands know how to use said language very delicately.

15. Black Sabbath Planet Caravan

Another classic. Such a soothing song. I never really did drugs but this song gives me the feeling to. Just like The Doors sometimes do. lol

That's it for now. I hope you really enjoyed this entry as much as I did writing it, swimming in nostalgia.

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